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This is our bundle course, it’s three types of massage rolled into one course. This course covers all basis with different types of client who require differ types of treatment ranging from relaxing light massage to more firm massage techniques. This course was designed to enable you to start building your massage career with different techniques and services available so you can offer your service to wider range of clients. 


This course includes:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Swedish massage 
  • Anatomy 
  • Lomi lomi massage
  • Business plan 
  • Business plan editable doc
  • Massage intake consultation form


Our online study courses include:

•Anatomy and Physiology

•Deep tissue Massage

•Swedish Massage 

•Lomi Lomi massage

•Massage techniques and when to use them

•Professional etiquette 

•How to conduct a consultation 

•Contra Indications 

•Contra Actions 


•Access to our Instagram support group


You can study at your own pace.

Specialist Massage - Mini Course (Online Only)

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