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Welcome to The Massage School UK
Welcome to The Massage School UK

Hi There

Welcome to the Massage School

Unlock your potential and elevate your career with Liverpools premier massage training academy. 


I am a small business with a huge passion for the treatments I offer, as well as the treatments I teach. I can offer knowledge from my personal experience, I have designed my courses with the information I wish I had been given durning my time learning over the years. I want to help my students have the best experience, I want them to leave confident they can carry out the treatments they have learnt independently to the best standards and also give them a helping hand in getting to know how to find clients, retain them and build there business. 

Massage School UK

Our Courses

During the practical training I will teach the basics of all massage techniques and everything I have learnt along the way. 


The online training provides all the knowledge required about massage. Ranging from the benefits of massage, the anatomy and physiology along with the history of massage and the purpose of different massage techniques. 

My course also includes a business plan, marketing plan and a mini crash course in social media. 

Why take a training course with The Massage School UK?
Massage School UK

Why take a 

Course at the Massage School?

I first started beauty therapy back in 2003 when I left high school, I went to college and studied beauty therapy. During the course my passion was skincare over other treatments such as make  up or lashes etc. I’ve always had an interest in skincare and how the skin works for as long as I can remember. 


I had my first son when I was 21 and ended up actually working in tax and accounting, working standard 9 to 5 and beauty and therapy became a hobby. 


Fast forward ten years, and a few other office jobs. When my children where both in full time school I enrolled in a specialist skin course, along with specialist massage course, and decided that the 9-5 job was not something that suited me or my family life. 

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