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The Lymphatic Drainage Course

The lymphatic drainage massage course is a great treatment to learn if you are already in a similar industry. This treatment has so many health Benefits from detoxing the body to promoting quicker healing times. This is a great course to complete if your already qualified and wanting to expand your treatment range. 

This Course includes:

*Lymphatic Drainage and Contour Massage

*MLD Consultation Form

*Anti Cellulite

Available as Online Learning only or with a 1 Day Practical:

  • Online learning only £299

  • Online learning and practical £799

Online Study

Practical Study

Online study course includes:

•Anatomy & physiology 

•How to conduct a consultation 

•How to carry out a lymphatic drainage massage

•Contra indications 

•Contra actions

•Lymphnode body map

•Massage techniques 


•Access to Instagram support group 

You can study at your own pace.

If you purchase our online including the practical teaching you will receive the added extras including 


•Business Plan (helping you get started, set realistic goals and targets, and the benefits of review periods)

•Mini Marketing strategy plan (how to find clients, retain clients, and market your services)

•Pricing scale ( Advice on setting your price to include costs)

•Towel draping techniques (how to keep the client professionally covered and comfortable during treatments)

•How to carry out a consultation (find out if the client is suitable for treatment, and their personal reasons for the treatment)

•Products and tools demonstrated (what to use and how to source products)

•How to access medical complications 


During your practical day all equipment and models will be provided. Students will also be working on each other throughout the day. 


Your trainer will demonstrate the techniques and then will supervise you carry out your individual treatments to ensure they you have met the required standards. 


Our training days start 10am and will finish approx 5.30. ( normally schedule a 30 min lunch )

The Lymphatic Drainage Course with The Massage School UK
Take the Lymphatic Drainage course with Online & Practical training with The Massage School UK
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